Curated by Keith Walsh

Paintings, drawings, and collages by Michael Green, Robby Herbst, Michele Jaquis, Vincent Ramos, Michael Shaw, Laurie Steelink, and Keith Walsh.

Sociality is a group exhibition of seven artists who explore the relations of art making to ideas and realities of community. It is about building bridges between the compartments of humankind, identities, dispersed communities, urban environments, communicative gestures, social trajectories, and information.

This work is founded on the principles that art is not autonomous, that we, and our art, are shaped by social environs, and that art is an effective means at addressing and uniting societal concerns. The gallery as a social space allows us to step away from the world in order to see it anew, and recognize the art exhibition as a hub and generator for making connections.   The artists avoid dry analyses and hypotheses by utilizing dynamic visual, formal, and semantic means to engage the beholder.  Our subjects and subjectivities cross paths with biography, mediation, representation, appropriation, and love.  No matter how the work is technically composed the subjects and our subjectivity shine through.

Sociality is a temporary political center that takes its curatorial impulse from grass roots activism, socialism, or a “people’s power from the below.” Our creativity is agency for addressing the fulfillment of human needs, struggle, change, cultural and political emancipation, and visibility.  We have developed visual and political expressions that are not indebted to the tropes propagated by the high-art marketplace.

Robby HerbstRobby HerbstVincent RamosVincent RamosMichael Shaw Michael Shaw